Saturday, June 18, 2016

A day in the life of a special needs parent: The cereal thief

I am trying to move away from doing mostly reviews and write more original content, like I did when I first started the blog.

So today is Sunday, June 12th, 2016. When I have a few dollars, I buy my Brad and Kalen some chocolate milk and/or cereal at church. It's a little snack until I cook something or someone cooks something. The usually wait until they get home to eat it so they won't mess up the church or the church van.

Today, I was debating whether ot not to get my kids milk because the house was full of kids and I had a limited supply of cash. I had money on my credit card, but Brad seriously needed new shoes because he keeps throwing them. When he needs them, it requires a scavenger hunt to find them. He also destroys them and the k-swiss, his father got him for his birthday, he removed the laces (and wont wear them without no tie or real laces). 

I didn't want to get my kids milk and cereal and then I have other kids staring at me, wondering if they can have some. I counted about 10-11 kids, plus my niece (18) will want some. I bought the cereal and milk anyway because why should my kids suffer because my niece wants to babysit a basketball team. She had more people stuffed in her room when Igot home, so I am glad I didn't buy extra. 

When we got home, the kids went to the bedroom. They drunk their milk without problems. The problem started when my great niece came in here, when kids was eating their cereal. She snatched some out their bowls. She already has a history of taking food of their plates and giving it to the other kids. When people cook on the stove, they cook enough for everyone, but I can't provide snacks for everyone. When you bring kids to someone else's house, you need to provide clothes, snacks, medicines, emergency information, with a prayer, your kids will survive the chaos of this household lol. 

I went downstairs to get some sausages off the grill. I bought them but my uncle was cooking them up. I wanted some before all the kids ate them up. I had bought a few packages but my uncle cooks up multiple packages of meat when he cooks. 

One of the little sausage snatchers is going to ask me WHY I was eating their sausages when they didn't pay for them, neither did my uncle. I kept walking before I snatched him up and locked him outside for a few minutes. While I was walking, Kalen walked downstairs with his cereal and was dropping it everywhere. Like a mad house or a bunch of ants flocking to food, the non biological minions scattered to pick up fruit loops off the floor. 

When I got back upstairs to eat my food, I peeked in my mama room because my sister was cleaning it for cash and noticed my great niece hiding Brad's cereal under my mama's covers. I am not dealing with Brad over missing food. Brad had followed me downstairs and didn't know his cereal was gone. My great niece's grandma was laughing but I was like why you let her take the severe Autistic's food? When he get upset, I am the one, who has to deal with holes in the wall; things thrown at me; or him trying to hurt my baby. 

I got his cereal back and gave it back to him so he can stay calm and collected. I got a new hole in my wall because he punched a hole in it with his fist because he couldn't use my phone (because I was using it).

This was a day in the ife of a special needs parent.

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