Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chomp Sticks Review (Brandbacker)

I received 6 samples of Chomp Sticks, in exchange for honest and unbiased review. I received the original flavor, jalapeno (Hoppin Jalapeno), and a cranberry habanero blend (Crankin Cran). I loved the original beef jerky the most. The stick had great flavor and bite. I normally don't eat spicier foods, but I tried both the jalapeno and cranberry habanero. The habanero was less spicy (to me) than the jalapeno.

Chomp Snack Sticks are made with 100% non-GMO grass-fed angus beef, sourced from New Zealand. The sticks contain no artificial ingredients and are shelf-stable because they use celery juice.

You can purchase chomp sticks, using the link above. prices vary.

This post was sponsored by Brandbacker.

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