Thursday, December 3, 2015

DB Link Smart Alarm Clock Review (Tomoson)

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I received the DBPOWER® Linckclock Smart Smart Alarm Clock LCD Display Light-activated Sensor Bedside Snooze Alarm Clocks, Rechargeable, in exchange for honest review. First, thing first, read the instructions. I got frustrated over not figuring it out because I didn't read the instructions first. You have to set the year (to get the correct day), the date, the time, and the alarms. The snooze button is the top of the clock.

You will have to flip the clock back and forward to set the clock. The buttons are on the back of the clock. The clock has to be charged first. The USB cord is provided.

There is a built in light, which turns red, when it is time to charge the clock. I had no issues with the clock. I wanted a real clock with an alarm as a backup. I have a kindle and a phone with an alarm, but if I forget to charge them, I have no alarms. There is also an alarm on my echo, but if the home wi-fi is down or someone accidentally unplugs it, no alarm.

The clock also displays the temperature and humidity.

You can purchase the clock, using the link above.

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