Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Brite Shot/Brite Focus Review (Tomoson)

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I received the following in exchange for honest review:

BriteSMART by BriteFocus - All Natural Brain Health Supplement - Improves Brain Performance, Memory, Concentration, Clarity, and Focus (90 tablets)

BriteSHOT- Natural Brain Performance Drink

BriteSHIELD - Stress Relief Supplements

I tried the natural performance drink first. The drink helps increase brain performance, improve memory, improve focus, and improve brain energy. The taste is decent. I need more focus and memory because I am forgetful. My memory has been in and out since I was a teenager. I had epilepsy and seizures for two years. I gained weight and my memory also suffered. I also started wearing glasses and needed more help in math class.

With blogging, I definitely need focus and brain energy. At times, I forget a blog post because I forgot to write it down in my calendar or forgot to log into a particular website. I have to push out reviews over the next few days for Amazon Review Trader because I have over 70 products out. I also have to push out reviews for Tomoson and clear many out. I definitely need my calendar for November and December, not to mention the company pitches. I just wrote a whole batch of Amazon reviews out for company pitches. Some were for recent products and some were for products, I forgot about. I still have plenty of work to do.

Next, the company sent me both the stress relief (need this to deal with my kids) and Brite Focus (pills). As stated, I do need an improvement in memory and clarity. Day light savings was this week. I am used to getting Kalen ready for school, while it is dark out and he catches the bus, either while the light is coming up or already out (depending on if the bus comes on time, early, or late). I woke up at my normal time, but was startled by the light outside. I lost focus for a minute and thought Kalen had missed the bus. He ended up missing the bus. That moment of non-clarity cost me time, getting him bathed and dressed.

You can purchase the supplements, using the link above.

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