Tuesday, November 10, 2015

52 Original Wisdom Stories (Kregel Blog Tours)

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I read 52 Original Wisdom Stories: Short Lively Pieces for the Christian Year, in exchange for honest review from Kregel Blog Tours. The book was written by Penelope Wilcock. I received a paperback book. Each story stands on its own. Each story also has a reflection at the end.

The book was told from the perspective of Sid and Rosie, an older couple with multiple children and grandchildren.

I liked the first story about the oak tree. Even as the oak tree is dying, it still has a purpose from animal food, plant life, and animal habitats. I also thought Sid was discussing how nothing really ends. With each death, there still is life. For example, the day after my grandma died, my oldest son was born.

I also liked the story about when Sid and Rosie went to a store, browsing for Christmas decorations, and noticed Jesus was missing from a nativity scene. Someone had stole baby Jesus and the store never replaced him. Sid was focused on how easy it was to slip the figurine into a purse, while Rosie applied a deeper meaning to the situation. The store is going to make money, whether Jesus is there or not. This can be applied in real life. Will people notice if Jesus is missing from your life or their life.

You can purchase the book on Amazon, using the link above. The book is available in paperback and kindle format.

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