Thursday, October 22, 2015

America is an Idea Book Review (iRead Book Tours)

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I received America is an idea and the American Dream is for everyone: Why We Built The Experiment to Democratize Social Media, in exchange for honest review from iRead Book Tours. The book was written by Michael Cyrus Pousti.

I wanted to review the book because I am a member of, even though I am still learning the site. Still confused on a few things, such as the auctions and how to generate money. I have money in the empowr bank, but not sure about the ins and outs of how I earned it. a social media site, similar to Facebook. You can add people as fans and somehow monetize your network, similar to Tsu. The layout is similar to Facebook's home feed. You can post statuses, photos, and videos. You can also like other people's content.

You somehow earn money and your balance is sent to your email on a daily basis. The website does have video tutorials, which helps explain the site. I am still going through the tutorials.

On to the book review:

The author of the book, I first learned, was the founder of the former I used to be a member of College Club when I was 18 years old. He started Empowr to help change social media. The site also offers a form of virtual currency. Pousti has this concept called Democratic Social Economy, which provides a way for people to pay for things online. This was before credit cards became the norm for paying for things online.

Next, the author discussed how democracy plays a part in social media. With democracy, people should not get comfortable in their roles/positions or stagnation kicks in. People may lose their passion and drive. They may not perform to expectations. Companies get stuck in a downward trickle and corruption may occur. A change in management and staff may occur to get the business revived again.

The author also discusses education, economics, world conflict, and information technology. He doesn't really discuss the website until about 1/4 to 1/2 through the book. First, I learned Empowr allows people to earn money without having any starting capital, products, or services. You also can start a blog on the site and generate ads to earn money. You can cash out after your balance is 90 days matured. Next, you can earn money by posting statuses, photos, and videos. You also can buy items and turn around and sell them for a profit. (I am still confused on the buying and selling system). I also learned you can order food online, using your empowr balance.

You can purchase the book in Kindle and paperback format. The TOC is not hyperlinked so you can jump back and forth through the book. The book is prime-eligible.

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