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The biggest story: How the snake crusher brings us back to the garden review (FlyBy Blog Promotions)

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About the Book:

In The Biggest Story, Kevin DeYoung - a best-selling author and father of six - leads kids and parents alike on an exciting journey through the Bible, connecting the dots from the garden of Eden to Christ's death on the cross to the new heave and new earth. With powerful illustrations by award-winning artist Don Clark, this imaginative retelling of the Bible's core message-how the Snake Crusher brings us back to the garden-will draw children into the biblical story, teaching them that God's promises are even bigger and better than we think.

About the Author: 

Kevin DeYoung is senior pastor at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan. He blogs at the Gospel Coalition and has authored or coauthored numerous well-known books, including Just Do Something, The Hole in Our Holiness, Crazy Busy, and Taking God At His Word. He lives with his wife and their 6 children in Central Michigan.

My Review

I read The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden, in exchange for honest review from Flyby Blog Promotions. I received a hardback copy of the book. The book is a childrens book. The book was written by Kevin DeYoung.

The book's premise is that Adam and Eve led a terrific life before the fall. They were the only two people on Earth. They talked with God. They took care of the animals. The couple lived in a perfect paradise until they partook of the Tree of Good and Evil. Then, they was removed from the garden.

My pastor, a few weeks ago, said God had to remove them from the Garden. The garden represented perfection and Adam and Eve was not perfect anymore. Eating of the tree brought sin, shame, and lies into the world. Partaking of the fruit changed their relationship with God. Of course, this also meant Jesus came eventually, died for our sins, and rose again.  God also promised Eve, one of her children will defeat the snake in the final battle. Now, which kid will it be. Cain and Abel didn't get along, in fact they provided the stage for the first murder in history.

The book also discusses how God was not happy with the world, so he destroyed it with a flood. Noah became the new Adam and his family became the first residents of the new Earth. Sin was still present though in the new Earth. Other topics include the Tower of Babel; The Story of Abraham; The Story of Jacob and his sons Judah and Joseph; and The Story of Moses. The journey to the promised land was an interesting one with so many twists and turns, but one of the descendants was set to defeat the snake.

You and your kids will learn about Saul and King David, not to mention the King of Kings, Jesus

The graphics in the book is amazing. The book was illustrated by Don Clark.

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