Friday, September 4, 2015

Aldi Giving Back To School Event (Madame Deals Media)

This post was sponsored by Madame Deals Media and Aldi stores. I received a $25 gift certificate for participation.

The kids going back to school has been a new thing for me within the last few years. I missed Brad's first few years of primary education because he was living with his father in another county and city. I wasn't there for him, like a mother was supposed to be. I been doing the school thing for the past 4 years. From ARD/IEP meetings to interesting school supply lists for special needs kids. I don't usually buy school supplies until the first few weeks of school because the sped lists are different from the regular lists. Brad hasn't got a list yet and it's the second week of school. Kalen's teacher sent a list at the end of school last year and another one, last week, because Kalen tore up the first one.

From experience, I know how difficult and how expensive school supplies can be. I am still on the hunt for construction paper because most stores, I have been to, sold out. Aldi and Madame Deals Media have teamed up to provided school supplies for children, who need them. Since I didn't start buying supplies until this week (for my kids and this campaign), I missed out on a few crucial supplies, I wanted for this blog campaign. I did find some hidden goodies throughout the store.

First, I bought a lunch bag for kids, who carry their lunches or snacks to school. I also bought pens and highlighters. Next, I found some adorable socks for a young kid. (You don't want that phone call that your child forgot to wear socks to school or he wore mismatch socks because you didn't feel like dealing with a meltdown call).

I also bought a small water bottle, 2 bottles of hand sanitizer, and some ziplock bags. Finally, I bought a Kindergarten activity book to help improve learning skills. The total was a little over $30 dollars but I loved my finds.

I also will add a few supplies, I bought for my kids, but found out later, the supplies was not on the list.

I will give the bag to the special needs class at my church next week (since I am going out of town this weekend. Going back to Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio).

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