Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Santin Art: The Cloud Tree Review

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I was doing a search for something a few weeks ago and a beautiful piece of art popped up. The art work was sold by Santin Art. The artwork was a 3 panel piece, featuring a barren tree in the middle, next to volcanoes on one side and dark clouds on the other side. I was in love with this piece and asked to review this wonderful work of art.

Original layout, before brown wall paint job. Before decorative tape kept falling off. 

Santin Art Cloud Tree. 

Santin Art Cloud Tree Volcano Side

Santin Art Cloud Tree Cloud Side

Santin Art- the Cloud Tree-, I thought symbolized my life. Some days, it appears calm, like the barren tree in the middle. Other days, it's more tumultuous, such as when Brad has a major meltdown and starts throwing heavy artillery. In fact, right now, I have two bruises on my body from Brad's meltdowns. Other days, I may have a glimpse of clear skies, but the dark clouds are looming.

The panels are an oil painting on canvas.

Santin Art Cloud Tree after Brown Wall Paint job. 

Santin Art Close up

Santin Art Cloud Tree

Santin Art Cloud Tree
The hardest part of the installation was aligning my twist hooks up correctly so the artwork aligns up correctly. This look me about an hour of adjusting my hooks, placing the art work, and then adjusting again as needed. I also wanted the panels where I can reach it with a chair and high enough to keep the kids from messing with it. 

The walls was originally pink, when the art panels first arrived, but I later painted the walls brown, which made the Santin Art stand out. 

You can purchase the Cloud Tree and other Santin Art, using the link above. The panels are prime-eligible. The lily and the silver lines paintings are of my favorites as well

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