Monday, July 13, 2015

Products for Review, Which Have not Arrived Post.

Disclaimer: This post contains Affiliate Links.

This post is for products, which have not arrived yet, but I still need to verify the post. Items not arriving may be for a variety of issues:
  1. Marked it shipped, but it never shipped to me. 
  2. Offered the product for free, but then asked me to pay a portion of the product. 
  3. Offered the product for a discount, but by the time I was approved, I could no longer afford it. 
  4. Shipping issues with the company. I have had items arrive after the due date. 
  5. Forgot to order and company did not remove me from the promotion in time. 
  6. Forgot to order and I didn't notify the company in time because I can be forgetful at times

Pruning Shears (Tomoson)

The PROFESSIONAL PRUNING SHEARS  was offered at a discount, but I could no longer afford them after I got approved. I asked to be removed but never was.

Baby App

I no longer have my iPod or my Mac but I wanted to review this application. The app was marked shipped though back in 2013.

Baking Cups

Tomoson had a glitch this week and marked this cups as shipped, even though I never received these. I also had a verification date of February, 2015. Yay me. My verification rate dropped from 98% to 95% because of the glitch.

Tea with the Queen

Whipped Body Butter 

The product was shipped out in December 2014, but I never received it. The website is also no longer available. 

Simple Baker Macaron Mat

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

The Fourteenth Protocol

Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat

Children's Books Review

Mom of 11 Baby Products

Mom of 11 Kids Products haven't arrived yet. 

Acne 1 Sport

Acne 1 Sport acne cream never arrived.

Dance Crazy Massage Roller Ball

The code did not work. Contacted seller with no response. Post due and this is verification.

Exterior Indulgence Products

Product was marked shipped but not arrived yet. 

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