Monday, June 8, 2015

Wearever Bed Pads Review (Tomoson)

Brad's bed with the Wearever Bed Pad
Brad wet the bed and the pad did not let the urine soak through. 

I received Wearever Bed Pads, in exchange for honest review. I wanted the pads for Brad, who still wets the  bed. He has destroyed plenty of mattresses over the years from general damage and from bodily fluids. His former futon #1 was made from recycled blue jeans, which disintegrated after a few urine episodes.

When he does sleep in his bed. I use waterproof plastic, but this gets torn up. I also spray his bed down with febreze or any urine stain smell remover. I flip his mattress over after he sleeps in his bed, after spraying the side with febreze. I wash his sheets and blankets every other day. It takes a lot of work to get his bed not to smell like pee.

Wearever makes plenty of incontinence products, including underwear with built in pads; swim underwear, and of course bed pads. The bed pads are quilted.

I put the mattress pad directly on the bed before adding the sheets and blankets. This way, if he soaks the pad, the mattress will be protected hopefully.

You can purchase Wearever's products, using the link above.

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