Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Neuro Beats Sleep Better Audio Aid (Tomoson)

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

I received Neuro Beats Sleep Better Audio, in exchange for honest review. Neuro Beats is a compilation of audio sounds, which helps you doze off to sleep.

I hate taking sleeping pills, even though I have them as a last resort. My son has prescription sleeping pills plus he uses melatonin if the meds don't kick in or he remains active enough to delay the drugs. Neuro beats is a compilation of audio, designed to help you go to sleep.

I have tried to use audio for Brad before. It was an autism friendly cd, but the audio seriously annoyed me. It was a nice rain sound, but then they added in thunder. I had to turn the audio off when it got to the thunder. Sent my brain into a tizzy. Give me a nice river or water fall. No thunder and lightening. There is also no talking, no visualizations, especially since my mind wanders anyway.

I liked Track 2 to a point.. It was some bells and something like a old rotary phone. Definitely need to upload the sounds to Amazon and Google, so I can listen through my phone or a bluetooth speaker. Also consider the volume. Some of the bells may be too loud for your ears if volume on full blast. 

I also liked the wind in leaves. This was very calming. I also liked river with delta beats and forest with delta beats, plus silent night for babies. The fireplace
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