Friday, May 15, 2015

PopSockets Review

I received PopSockets, in exchange for honest review. I chose a cross and a heart. Popsockets is a creative way to add a little flair and utility to your phone. You can use popsockets as a phone stand or a tablet stand. You also can use it as a grip to take photos or when texting. You can also use Popsockets as a cord wrap.

The sockets were easy to apply and easy to remove. I had issues with Kalen removing the popsockets from my phone, all the time.  The sockets come with an adhesive backing. When removing, lift from the bottom and not the top (where the design is). The sockets adjust to 2 positions and they can tilt as well.

You can choose from multiple designs. The website has a feature (the design studio) where you can try out the different designs for your devices. You can choose a design for the top, plus colors for the top and bottom. You also can choose a color for the accordion in the middle. Lot of options to chose from, including artist designs.

The popsockets also come in a different format for the iPhone. I love the iphone design a lot. Maybe I buy one for the android just because. The iphone design is similar to the one in the video for the cord wrap.

You can buy Popsockets, using the link above. You can buy a single popsocket or two popsockets, depending on your needs.

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