Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Im Huuman NFC Tags Review (Tomoson)

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

I received Huuman - NFC 213 Tags 10 Pack, in exchange for honest review. The NFC tags are anti-metal, water proof stickers, plus one key fob. The tags uses bluetooth technology to assign tasks for your devices. NFC means near field communication. When the tags are near your devices, a trigger goes off.

I have seen NFC tags online before, but wasn't sure what they was. Fresh also offered one as part of a giveaway a while back. I wasn't sure what they did, but I wanted to try them out.

For example, I set a task to notify me when the house internet was down. I also set up one to turn on the camera when my selfie stick was connected. Or, turn on google play on the phone when my headset connected. Amazon music also turns on when my echo is connected to the internet.

The stickers are easy to apply to your devices. Just peel and stick.

How do you set up tasks, you ask?

You can download various apps from Google play or the app store. I downloaded Trigger after reading some reviews. The tasks you set up depends on which app you download. I liked Trigger first because it was free. It also offered a trial of it's premium services for a week (which I have not used yet).

For trigger, you set up a cause and effect. So, I want the app to send me a notification via text to let me know when the house internet is down. So, A) cause: House internet goes down B) Get a text message letting me know wifi is down.

Maybe you want to set up a task for a specific time. You want Facebook to load up at 7 am, for example. The possibilities are limitless, (depending on the app chosen)

Note: do not fold or break the tags since it damages the insides.

You can purchase the NFC Tags on Amazon, using the link above. The tags are prime-eligible.

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