Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Blossom Cup Review (Tomoson)

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I received the Blossom Large Purple Menstrual Cups, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. I wanted to review the blossom cup because I love menstrual cups. I started off using the instead (soft cups) in the early 2000s but then couldn't find them in stores. I liked how the cups worked, despite a heavier flow.

I was an early developer. I had breasts and cycle at 8 years old. I have tried many feminine products since from Always to Kotex to Stay Free. I even tried the former, wish they still made, Kotex underwear, which you can wear instead of your underwear during your cycles. I had to develop creative tricks to deal with an heavier cycle from wearing 2-3 pads in front of each other to doubling and tripling pads on top/front of each other. I was the child, who missed school, a few days each month, because my cycle was just too heavy.

When I was 18, I was diagnosed with fibroids. I also learned I had endometriosis at 25. I had laparoscopic surgery to remove the problem. My cycles changed to every two weeks after that for a long time, but I did not experience too many cramps. My flow also has changed over the years. I am still heavy, but the level of heavy changes each month, which is why I stay stocked in feminine products. I never know when it is going to come on and how long it will last, but I want to be prepared. I even use my son's adult diapers to help with heavier flows because I don't like messing up my underwear or sheets.

It took me years to find another perfect feminine product, a pad, which I still use.

The blossom cup is a reusable, feminine cup, which comes in two sizes, small and large. The cup also comes in seven  colors: red, green, clear, pink, purple, orange, and blue. I chose purple because it's my favorite color.

The cup is also made out of a more rigid material. The cup did work well, but it did feel uncomfortable at times. The first time, I used it, it was too uncomfortable to insert. I had to use an essential oil to help insert the product. Thank you Google.  I used the product for the first few days of my last cycle. I could not use it the last few days because I was in intense pain/cramps. When the product is seated right, you can't feel it, but you will notice the pressure when it's inserted wrong. I also had an issue with the cup moving, but it still did not leak.

You can purchase the cups, using the link above. The cups are prime-eligible. Just choose your color and size.

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