Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sponge Bob comes to Moody Gardens (US Family Guide)

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About Moody Gardens Nickelodeon SpongeBob Square Pants Attraction

Sponge Bob Square Pants has arrived at Moody Gardens, in Galveston Texas. The new attraction allows visitors to choose their own path as they join Sponge Bob and his friends on a submarine adventure to Bikini Bottom.

The attraction allows guests to explore Bikini Bottom with a 3D digital show, which features live narration and interactive options, which allows guests to choose where they want to visit.

Guests will also have improvised, real-time interaction with Patrick as he guides them through Bikini Bottom. You can have your fortune read by Patrick in Goo Lagoon or try the jelly fish dating call in JellyFish Fields. Maybe you want to learn a special dance routine from Sandy Cheeks. OR you can try to stop Plankton from taking over the SUB in his plan to steal the infamous Krabby Patty formula.

The guests can smell sunscreen, pop bubbles, and hit a beach ball using 3D images , 4D sensory elements, and live narration. This attraction is only available at Moody Gardens.

You can save up to $12 at Moody Gardens with this exclusive coupon ($2 dollars off each person, up to 6 people).

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