Friday, April 24, 2015

Show me the Kwan Review (US Family Guide)

This post was sponsored by US Family Guide Bloggers Program. I received a copy of Show me the Kwan for review. No other compensation was provided. This post also contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

Note: I think I said Foxmind Games in the video, but Foxmind Games does not make Show me the Kwan.

I received Show Me The Kwan Game, in exchange for honest review from USFG Bloggers Program. Show me the Kwan is a word-based game, which users call out words, based on a particular category, with letters in a certain position. I am definitely not a fan of people, just blurting out the words. I prefer pen and paper, but the game is not easy as you think. You have a category, such as stores. You have one dice with 3 positions: first letter, second letter, and last letter. You also have a dice with a particular letter, which needs to be in a particular position.

For example, if the category is stores. The first letter is an I and I would call out Ikea. The score keeper writes down my points.

You have to call out your words before the timer ends. You can purchase the game on Amazon, using the link above. The game is prime-eligible.

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