Saturday, April 25, 2015

Liztek USB 3.0 7 Port Hub Review (Tomoson)

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I received Liztek HB30P7 USB 3.0 7-Port Hub , in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The device contains 7 USB ports, which is great for all my devices: 3 tablets, phone, portable chargers, my mother's tablet, the fitness tracker, camcorder, headset, etc.

The device can be hooked up two ways: You can connect the power cord to the outlet or you can use the usb adapter and hook it to a computer or power bank. You also don't have to decide which port to plug each in. They are all the same voltage. Compared to a regular power bank, where you have to decide between 1A and 2A.

At first, I hooked up both the usb cord to my computer and the power cord, but realized I didn't need both later on. The product is easy to use.

You can purchase the power bank on Amazon, using the link above. The hub is prime-eligible.

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