Monday, March 23, 2015

Yochi Yochi 3-in-1 harness review

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I received the Yochi Yochi 3-in-1 harnessin exchange for honest review. The Yochi Yochi is a high chair seat, a toddler safety control unit, and a walking harness. I used it mostly has a toddler safety control unit (leash). The yochi yochi comes with a card, which shows how to hook up the device in the three positions.

For the toddler safety control unit, you wrap the harness around your child and attach the velcro ends. Then, I move the strap towards the back. I do have to watch out for Kalen tripping and falling because the strap can get tangled up. Sometimes, he walks fast and sometimes, he walks slow. I let him control the pace, then move along with him.

I had no major issues with the product. You can purchase using the link above. It comes in red or black.


The first video is my child, moving around freely in public. I recorded the video on 3/22/15, while we was at church. 

The next video is when Kalen went to the dentist, a few weeks ago, using the harness. I think the set up was walking harness. The walking harness and the high chair seat, uses the leg holes. The safety unit does not. 

The last video is Kalen, again at church on 3/22/15, moving through the crowds with the harness.

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