Monday, March 16, 2015

Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners Book Review (Tomoson)

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I read, Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners: 55 Fast and Easy Slow Cooker Recipes to Lose Weight Fast, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson.

I wanted to review the book because I just bought a slow cooker in January. The last one, got broke by a 14 year old, autistic, boy. I love to cook beans and rice. I also love chicken, but I need a bigger repertoire than beans, rice, and chicken. The recipes in the book also help people lose weight, which is a good thing for me.

The book has appetizers, soups, entrees, sides, stews, veggie dishes, and desserts.

First, I liked the balsamic almonds. I have to try that when kids are at school, since it requires stirring the sauce every 15 minutes. The almonds cook for 4 hours. I also liked the homemade cream of mushroom soup. The soup takes 4 to 8 hours to cook. The mushrooms does require a food processor to grind down into smaller pieces. Next, I liked the cheese ravioli. The recipe uses frozen ravioli (which, I love since I don't know how to make any) and tomato sauce.

Another great recipe is the Chicken broccoli casserole. You cook the chicken, chicken broth, and mayo for 4-5 hours, then add the other ingredients before cooking another hour. I also liked the garlic and Mexican chicken, not to mention the bacon ranch chicken. mmmmm bacon.

Under the veggie dishes, I liked the artichoke stuffed mushrooms, the veggie stew, and the bacon cheese mushrooms.

Finally, for desserts, I liked the chocolate mousse, bananas foster, and the slow cooked pineapple. The slow cooked pineapple contains pineapple, vanilla, and rum. :-)

You can purchase the book on Amazon, using the link above, in Kindle format only.

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