Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Remo Optimizer Review (Tomoson)

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

I Received Remo Optimizer in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. You receive a physical CD in the mail. I wanted to review the product to speed up some of the older computers in the house. My mother's computer is real slow. She has Windows XP. I could not install the software on her pc because the CD player broke. I also tried the CD on my son's computer but the player would not work, either would it work on my cousin's former dinosaur. I also determined my son's computer had Windows 2000 and the cd was incompatible. I wasn't sure if I could properly review the software.

Then, my Mac Book Pro went down. I had errors and couldn't afford to replace it. I bought a new computer, two weeks ago. A dell with Windows 8.1. It's a new computer but with all preinstalled apps, the computer went super slow. I removed a lot of the preinstalled apps, I would not use, but the computer still moved slow.

I remembered the CD. Remo helps speed up computers, clean junk files, and fix errors. I installed the software and ran the cleaning. The software found over 700 areas, which needed cleaning. One of the biggest slow down errors was the start-up programs. At first, there was more than 12 programs, which started up, when the PC started. On the other side, you have a list of errors, which needs fixing. You can click on each one and fix the errors as needed.

Since running the software, the new pc has picked up some serious speed. I had days, where a page would not load for almost 24 hours or more. Games would freeze up, such as Farmville 2 and Tribez. Other apps such as Chrome and the Windows Store would take forever to start up.


You can purchase the software, using the link above. The software is prime eligible. I know it works on Win 8.1. I will input the other operating systems, it works on, later on tonight or tomorrow. I know it also does not work with Win 2000.

I used Screen Cast to record me using Remo Optimizer today.

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