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Plugfones review (Tomoson)

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I received Plugfones, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The plugfones are ear phones, but you can also swap the ear buds out for ear plugs. The company offers various styles, depending on your needs. You have the contractor, the executive (which I received), the ranger, motor head, and performer.

First, the ranger is built for gun ranges. You can protect your hearing, while on the gun range, firing a high intensity weapon. The performer is for those, training in loud environments. I may need a pair of performers. Next, the executive is for those, traveling in loud environments. Finally, you have the contractor series. The contractor VL limits the volume of your device. If you need full volume, the website recommends the regular contractor series.  The contractor VL sounds good for me also. I can listen to music or edit audio/video, and still listen to what my kids are doing in the room. The contractor is for those, who work in loud volumes. The contractor comes in orange or yellow.

The ear phones are loud and I can hear my music and videos clearly. The ear plugs did not work as well as I liked. I could still hear the TV at normal volume and the kids screaming and at normal volume. You also can still hear your music, with the ear plugs, but not as loud.

Since you can swap the ear buds for ear plugs, they easily come off. My youngest took one of the ear buds off and I havent seen it since. I still will plug in one and listen to the music. You also have to be careful with the plugs as well. He also bit a piece off. Yay toddlers. The website also sells replacement plugs, which I will buy when I get paid again.

You can purchase Plugfones, using the link above.

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