Friday, March 6, 2015

Hotel Spa Rainfall Shower Head with LED Lights Review (Tomoson)

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Faucet with old shower head removed

Old Showerhead

Pieces of the rainfall shower head before installation. My son broke the adjustable piece at the end of the extension arm. 

Extension arm installed. 

Shower head installed

Shower head turned on 

Shower head turned on with green LED lights. 

I received HotelSpa® Giant 10 Inch Rainfall Temperature Color-Changing LED Showerhead and 15 Inch Height-Adjustable Arch Extension Arm with Stainless Steel Profile, in exchange for honest review. You have the shower head, which needs to be installed into the extension arm. The extension arm also needs to be put together. The end pieces of the arm connects to the faucet. I did need a little lubricant and some pliers to remove the old shower head.

I wanted to review it because I always wanted a rainfall shower head. Great way to relieve stress after a hard day of dealing with my kids. The shower head was a challenge to install. I spent a week trying to remove the old shower head, only to determine, I was turning it the wrong way. Once the old shower head was off, I installed the rainfall. I applied the plumbers tape (comes with the kit) to the old threads on the faucet and then screwed the new one in with some pliers. I placed a towel over the joints first, to reduce scratching and damage.

I also turned on the shower head. It worked. It had a minor leak at first, but I tightened the joints and no more leak. The shower head also turns different colors, based on temperature. Blue means cold, green means just right, and red means hot. I love green. My son loves hot water (red).

I had an issue this week with the shower head. My son unscrewed the end pieces of the extension arm and I can not put it back together. I did find a potential solution but now, I am having trouble screwing it back on the faucet. I may need a little more plumbers tape and some prayer. I don't want to go back to my old shower head.

I loved jumping into the rainfall after a hard day. The shower head is also adjustable. I can change the height and angle using the knob on the extension arm and tighten it where I want to be. Since, I am short, I want the shower head a little higher than I am, but now, I need it higher than my son's height. He is 5'4/

You can purchase the Rainfall shower head on Amazon. The shower head is prime eligible.

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