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Go Gargle Effervescent for Throats Review (Blog Dash)

Disclaimer: I received Go Gargle in exchange for honest review from Brandbacker. No other compensation was provided. This post also contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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It's the cold season, even in Houston, Texas. Some places, even got something called ice and snow. Cold season brings on the cold, the flu, sinuses, and of course, sore throats. I hate being sick because mama still has to take care of her minions. My minions also lack sympathy and empathy. They don't care if mama cooped up in bed. They need to be fed, changed, and sent off to school. I have had few colds, sinus issues, and sore throats since cold season began. I also lost my voice for about a week.

Go Gargle is an innovative away to relieve a sore throat. Go Gargle is an effervescent, similar to Alka-Seltzer.

To use the product, you simply drop a tablet into a small amount of warm water. Once the tablet stops fizzing, you gargle the solution in small doses, but try not to swallow.

I received The Minty Fresh Flavor. It was not the best tasting medicine, but it did improve my sore and irritated throat. The product contains Aloe, Honey, and Chamomile.

Usually when I have a sore throat, I gargle with salt water or make a honey lemon tea (provided, I have honey, lemon, and tea). I also use sore throat drops. I never thought about a medicine, which uses gargling to clear sore throats.

According to Go Gargle's website, gargling helps loosen mucus in the throat. Gargling also reduces swelling in the throat.

The website also offers a free $1 off coupon for trying Go Gargle. You can use the store locator on the website to find Go Gargle near you.

You also can find GoGargle! Effervescent Salt Gargle Minty Fresh Tablets - 10 CT
on Amazon. Go Gargle is not prime-eligible. It ships within 2-3 days.

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