Saturday, March 28, 2015

EverKitchen Lemon Squeezer Review (Tomoson)

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half a lemon in lemon squeezer

Lemon squeezer

Ever Kitchens Lemon Sq

I received 2in1 Lemon Squeezer & Cap Opener, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The product was designed by Ever Kitchen. You can squeeze juice from smaller fruit such as lemons and oranges, but also open a bottle of soda or beer. The product was easy to use and I had no issues with it.

The bottle cap opener addition is good for this house. I don't know how many times, the family has looked for a bottle opener and we did not have one. I reviewed some ginger brew a few weeks ago and twisted the caps off, same with some liquor I had. A cap opener would have saved some time.

You can purchase EverKitchen's 2-in-1 squeezer and bottle cap opener on Amazon, using the link above. The squeezer is prime-eligible.

In the video, I show me squeezing a lemon into a pan of fruit. I am cooking frozen fruit, water, and sugar down into a syrup for a great dessert. Fruit with a homemade syrup.

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