Friday, February 6, 2015

Roadmap Genesis Movie Review and Giveaway (FlyBy Blog Promotions)

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Roadmap Genesis is a documentary, which shows you how the Book of Genesis shows you how to live a better life.

The documentary was narrated by Nolan Leibovitz, who was unfulfilled. He previously made suspense movies. He chose to create a documentary to help make the world a better place and he found answers in the book of Genesis.

Leibovitz interviewed clergy, public figures, and regular individuals to show Genesis's importance. Some of the interviewees include Governor Mike Huckabee; Rabbi David Wolpe; Alan Dershowitz, Francis George; Erick Stakelbeck; Ken Ham; and the Creation Museum.

I liked how Leibovitz asked people about the book of Genesis. Some people simply did not know. I enjoyed watching the whole documentary and was sad when it ended. I did not know the book of Genesis was that vast. You learn about the creation and the genealogy of Jesus.


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