Monday, February 9, 2015

Morning Pep Xylitol Sugars Review (Tomoson)

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I received Morning Pep 1 LB 100% Pure Birch Xylitol sweetener, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. I also have a 2.5 lb bag. I wanted to try a different sugar alternative. I never heard of Xylitol sugar before.

According to, Xylitol is a natural carbohydrate, which "can be extracted from any woody fibrous material". It can be extracted from corn and hardwoods. Xylitol also naturally occurs in the body. The average adult makes 15 grams daily.

Morning Pep's Xylitol is not made from corn, but from Birch. Xylitol made from Birch is also used in medicine. Xylitol is also used as a sugar substitute and in sugar free gum, mints and candy (WebMD). It is also used to prevent tooth decay and dry mouth.

Morning Pep's Xylitol is very sweet. I recommend using it in small doses/batches. I used the sugar in smoothies and in baking. The only thing, I did not like was the bag. The bag seal kept coming open and I had sugar all over everything, including my bed, when it first arrived. I would recommend storing the sugar in a second bag, in case of a spill.

You can purchase Morning Pep in various sizes (2.5 lb, 1 lb, and 5 lbs bags) on Amazon. The product is not prime eligible.

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