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Millionaire Within Us Author Interview (Sage Publications)

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On January 22, 2014, I posted the spotlight for The Millionaire Within Us
by Chris Carley. This post will focus on the author interview.

Author Interview

1) Did you ever pay your father back?

Great question. Of course I paid him back, he made me sign a contract. Yet the moment that sticks out for me quite distinctly is when I drove him and my mom to my home in malibu. He was looking around and he asked "Is this all yours?"

He walked the grounds and asked if I was saving my money, he didn't understand that the residual income came in every month.

2) What are your best and worst recommendations for network marketing companies?

I don't focus on companies I focus on the marketer. Every marketer has to have a strategy to become successful. They have to give samples, they have to market and talk to their people, and they have to really be out there and market themselves.

3) What are your goals for the future?
I wrote the book "The Millionaire Within Us" to really start helping network marketers the control back. I have been so successful that I promised God I would give back when I could. Now it's time, in fact it's long over due. I really want to share how I became successful . It's a blessing that I don't ever take for granted.

4) Do you still make financial mistakes? if so, name one and what did you learn from it

In the early days I bought fancy cars, joined Donald Trump private clubs. I don't think they are financial mistakes, but I have appreciated my charity work more. Giving is really far better than receiving. When I was in India I saw such abject poverty, that it hurt my heart. I knew it wasn't right and I realized that this is happening all over the world. I went from a $10.75/HR factory worker to a multimillionaire and the worse part about it is that I wish I had more of my friends and family right here with me.

5) What tips can you give to someone just starting out?
My whole book is one giant tip. Lol. I really believe in the concepts of giving away samples and guerilla marketing. Use the words free, guarantee, and let people use the product. Never sell anything you don't use our don't believe in.

6) What are a few ways to grow money versus losing money?
The best way to grow your money is to work hard. Don't ever do anything you don't believe in.


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