Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ancient Feminine Wisdom Book Review(Tomoson)

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I read , in exchange for honest review from TomosonAncient Feminine Wisdom: Inspired by Biblical Women (A Spiritual Journey of Growth)
. The book was written by Judith Jungman Saadon.

The book tells the story of women in the bible, who found freedom after being silenced. You will learn about Hannah, Eve, Sarah, Rachel, Leah, Tamar , Naomi, and Esther.

The author's goal was to allow the reader ti read a story and then view it from a feminine perspective.

For example, in the first story, you can learn about Eve. Eve ate of the tree of Good and Evil, but she or Adam took responsibility for their actions. One blamed the other and the other blamed the snake. They also hid from God. The couple's actions got them kicked from a beautiful garden to the wilderness.

From a feminine perspective, Eve sinned and was removed from Eden. Adam was forbidden to eat from the tree, not Eve. Eve ate from tree to gain knowledge and wisdom. She also lied to God and didn't take responsibility for her actions. Eve was curious. She wanted more. Her eyes was opened.

How many times have I (you) been curious, even if it's about the wrong thing. We partake in the apple, despite the consequences, which come later. We learn what to do and what not to do next time.

You can learn more about Eve and the other women in the book.

You can purchase the book on Amazon using the link above.

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