Friday, January 16, 2015

Smart Phone Aides Rapid Car Charger Review (Tomoson)

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I received Smart Phone Aides Rapid Car Charger, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. My mother's car has 3 places to charge your devices: in the console in the front seat; an outlet in the middle seat; and the car charger port in the middle seat. Usually, when I ride with Kalen, I sit in the middle seat and use one of the two available chargers.

When we went to The Bahamas in August, the car port charger came in handy for me. My youngest sister and mother fought for the port in the front seat. My niece grabbed the outlet. I used the car charger port to charge my phone, camcorder,  and kindle. I swapped the devices out as needed. I also had to charge my son's tablet to keep him calm in the car. The problem was my multiple port charger came apart in the car. This was a two USB port. If I didn't have a back-up, I would have lost out on working on blogs and my thesis on my devices.

I wanted to review this charger because it was a 3 usb port. I can charge the Kindle, phone, and camcorder. The device appears to be made out of a stronger, more durable case, which means hopefully it will not come apart in the car.

I used the device so far to charge Kindle and Phone. I had no issues. I can't comment on rapid part though since the car rides was short, but the family wants to plan another cruise, which means a long car ride, hopefully with two cars and the crazier ones, not in the car with me.

You can purchase the rapid car charger on Amazon. The charger is prime-eligible.

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