Friday, November 28, 2014

Toolani Cheap International Phone Calls (Sponsored Post)

This is a sponsored post. I will be entered into a drawing for a prize for participation.

Toolani is a new website/app, which allows you to call people internationally. I wish I had this service when I went to the Bahamas in August. My phone did not work, but my laptop could connect wirelessly around the island. I did not bring it off the boat because I did not want to carry with me, along with my kids and their bags. I did have my phone, which had international calling, which did not work in Nassau or Paradise Island.

On the Island, I was not able to contact my mother or niece to meet up anywhere, so the family was on two different excursions.

With Toolani, You dial people overseas using a local number. You can use Toolani Flex, which uses one local number to call all your international contacts. Toolani Flex is best if you have many foreign phone numbers.

You also have Toolani Direct, which uses a different number for each of your international contacts. You get a different local number for each contact.

You can dial numbers from the website or from the app (available on Android and iOS)

It is free to sign up. Rates for usage do apply (calls and SMS messages).

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