Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I survived the first full week of school

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School in Spring ISD started on August 25th, but I was on vacation (Cruise to the Bahamas. Post coming soon) and did not get back until Tuesday, the 26th. Brad started school on Wednesday, August 27th. I had already notified the bus driver, who came by with the paperwork with bus times,  about our vacation.

Kalen;s bus drivers did not show up at my house with his bus information until I left for Miami. I had notified the same bus driver, who came by for Brad, about Kalen, but a situation happened.

Another bus driver (Kalen's Regular Driver) showed up on Friday and my uncle (who is not my son's guardian or power of attorney) told them we would not be back until next Friday, the 28th. I found this out on Sunday, as we was returning from the trip.

I don't know how someone let the uncle override the parent's instructions of the bus starting on the 27th, so after a few phone calls, Kalen started on August 28, 2014. I got Kalen up and dressed at 6 am for nothing.

I was not sure what to expect this year. I was praying Brad had new teachers. I also knew this would be Kalen's first full year of school. He needed school supplies and new uniforms. He needed new shoes. Brad was ok since I buy his clothes with the adjustable waistband from the uniform store. The clothes grow with him until the waist can not be let out any more.

Kalen's teacher (Love that Jamaican) sent home paperwork and other documentation, the first day he started. Brad's teacher did not send anything home until almost a week later. I saw he had the same teacher as last year and my heart dropped. He will also have her again next year.

Time to put Brad in private school because public is not going to work until high school. Of course, I have not gotten any notes home since school started, so I assumed Brad was behaving and performing well. I got my first phone call home today and I am still pissed.

Anyway, I still have not gotten used to getting up at 6 am. I do it because I have to but I have not had much sleep . Kalen gets up first. His bus comes between 658 and 715. Brad's bus comes at 819.

I also have to work on my thesis this month. Due in three weeks. Each week, we have to work on 1-2 chapters and publish at the end of week 4.

I need all the alone time, I can get while the kids are at school, of course this is not the case. Last Monday, (first week of the last class), my mother kept coming in here to use the computer. Then on Tuesday, she asked me to mop the kitchen, which can take two hours. Wednesday or Thursday, Kalen had a heart doctor appointment (took some beautiful Cloud pictures though).

I did finish the rough draft of the acknowledgements, bibliography, table of contents, introduction, and literature review though. Thank you for Labor Day, which gave us an extra day of work. This week, I am working on methodology and results, which requires an extensive look at my analytics since publishing the multimedia portion (share, like, comment, schedule :-) please) .

Brad's new bus pick-up time is still close to his old time (830) last year. On the other hand, Kalen's school changed times. I used to have 4 hours free and now I have less than 3. Kalen's bus came at 730 am in May and he did not get home until 130ish. He gets home at 1130 now.

I was not notified of the time changes until I was working on some homework and Kalen walked in the bedroom before noon lol. Glad I have other people authorized to get him off the bus.

Good news though: Kalen now has homework. I also found some cute little shirts from Ruum on Amazon since Wal-mart said the Garanimals Khaki and polo-like shirts won't be back until next year. I am still looking for a red shirt and one more color, which I forgot.

He also needs new Khaki or Denim pants or shorts-maybe 2-3 more, just in case. and a Belt. If you know of any stores, within a reasonable price range for a 3 year old (10 bucks and under, let me know)

Next, Kalen got a minor cold. I got a call home from the nurse yesterday, asking if I (, who has no car) would come get him for a cough. Of course, by the time, I checked the voicemail and called them back was after Kalen got home. I checked the nurse's documentation and it said minor colds and coughs are ok to send a student to school with. So, why was she calling me lol?

Hopefully, this week will go better. Even though Brad will miss Friday for his psych appointment.

On a good note, I got a blender in the mail for review yesterday and got paid for a study yesterday :-)

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