Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Eerie Eyeball Pretzel Rods

Eerie Eyeball Pretzel Rods

Last week I picked up a copy of the Better Homes & Gardens newest Halloween Tricks & Treats edition for 2014. Normally I head straight to Pinterest when looking for ideas and inspiration but I am loving the quick and clever creations within the pages of this seasonal magazine. Inspired by a set of bright green pretzel rods decorated with eyeballs, I re-created my own version of spooky salted sticks. These Eerie Eyeball Pretzel Rods are easy to make and also adorable for Halloween. Since my trial run was a success I plan on making these for Toodie's class next month. They are just the right amount of creepy and can be individually wrapped for each child to enjoy! salted pretzel rodsWilton Candy Melts (orange, vibrant green, and...Read More

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