Thursday, August 7, 2014

Introducing Make-Up by One Direction (BrandBacker)

I received the Up all Night collection, in exchange for honest review from Brandbacker. The collection was designed by One Direction.

The collection comes with a body pencil, lip gloss, eye shadow, stencils, nail varnish, lip stick, and mascara. The collection also comes in a collectible tin. 

The lip gloss also glows under UV light. 

I loved the lip gloss. It matched my complexion perfectly. I also loved the eye shadow and mascara. On the other hand, the lipstick does not match my complexion. I tried it on my niece since she lighter and it worked on her more. 

Next, the nail varnish started separating within a few hours. The color is beautiful but it does not last long. 

The stencils and body pencil are ok. I gave those two to my niece after I finished the video review. I have no coordination :-). 

Other Collections:

The other collections include Take me home and midnight memories. For more information on the three collectible tins, click here

US Release Dates:

Macy's - August 11th
Stage Stores – August 25th
Dillards – August 25th
Beauty Brands – August 25th
Lord and Taylor - August 25th

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