Friday, August 15, 2014

Fruit Shoot Contest (Linqia)

This post was sponsored by Linqia.

Fruit Shoot is holding a Ball Stunt Hunt contest.  To enter create a video of your child, doing something active. The submission has to feature a fruit shoot bottle and a ball. Then, get your friends to vote on your video to win. Winners get their video professionally edited. A winner will be chosen each week.

Entrants will also receive a free coupon for a free bottle of Fruit Shoot.

Check out this amazing video created by another family.

If you also buy 6 bottles of Fruit Shoot, you can get a free Waboba Ball by mailing in the receipt and form. The ball has a special effect, which bounces on water.

I have been looking for Fruit Shoot for a week. The website has a store locator.

My Video

Full Version

Short Version for Contest Entry

Contest ends September 1st, 2014.

Rules of the contest

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