Thursday, July 24, 2014

Moms Meet: Good to Grow Product Review

I received Good 2 Grow in exchange for honest review from Moms Meet. I received two coupon booklets for 2 single serve juices and 2 refill packs.

I wanted to review the products for my youngest son. He learned how to drink of out a straw recently. I been buying him more products, which require a straw, so he can drink independently versus having me help him drink his water, milks, and juices.

I got the package in the mail and saw four coupons. Ok, I thought. I buy one character for my son and one for my great-niece. What she wants, he wants and vice versa. I got him, Kermit the Frog and I got her, Dora the Explorer. Two different characters so I can tell which cup was which.

I bought all apple just because that's what the store had. I would love to try other flavors in the future, such as fruit punch and strawberry kiwi. I went to H-E-B for the juices. I have a Kroger campaign coming up for another review company. I can see what flavors they carry too.

The refill packs lasted a few days. My youngest found the juices. Everytime, I turned around, he had his Kermit and another bottle of juice. Of course, when the refills run out, you can still use the cup for milk, water, or other juices until you get a refill pack.

The taste

The Juice tastes wonderful. Good 2 Grow does not add sugar or artificial colors and preservatives. The juices are also non-GMO. The company also makes an organic apple juice. 

I found a Coupon  on the G2G website, which you get for subscribing to their newsletter.

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