Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Preacher by David J. Rollins Book Review (My Addiction is Reading)

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I read The Preacher (Angry Edenites) by David J. Rollins, in exchange for honest review from My Addiction is Reading.

I wanted to review the book based on the description, which was hilarious in my opinion.

About the book:

A new preacher comes to a small church in Wonderville. Requiem has a very large adam's apple, which distracts people in church. The church members try to kill him with pies and other methods, but fail. The church ends up hiring a killer deacon to off the pastor. 

Requiem obtains help from The Broken Throated Advocators, who fight against persecution of men with large adam's apples. 

The Preacher is the first novella in the Angry Edenites Series, which is about four people, who go looking for the Garden of Eden

My Review:

As previously stated, the book is hilarious. The book started out with a women's group discussing over tea, how previous attempts to kill the pastor had gone astray. 

“But how? We’ve already tried booby-trapping his office. I myself cooked him one of my special pies. I used bleach. There was a sale on it. And he took a bite. Dangit was there. He saw him. And it did nothing.”

David J. Rollins (2013-10-15 00:00:00-04:00). The Preacher (Kindle Locations 146-148). Quill Kill Publishing. Kindle Edition. "

Requiem is not welcomed in Wonderville and his church members are finding interesting ways to drive him 6 feet under. The church has Dangit, a killer deacon to off the pastor. Will it work? Read the book to find out more.

The book is available in paperback and Kindle format. The book is also prime-eligible. 


  1. Hey, Stacie, I'm really glad you liked the book!

    If you are interested in reading the second one, let me know and I'll be more than happy to send a copy your way. It features Welt. She was the young women Requiem met just before he found out about the Broken Throated Advocators. She's also the one who finds the map to the Garden of Eden. Here's the link with more info

    I hope to see you in Wonderville again.

    David J. Rollins

  2. @David Sure, I dont mind reviewing the second one



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