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His Eye is on the Sparrow Book Review and Blog Tour (Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours)

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I read His Eye is on the Sparrow by Lisa Y. Sparrow in exchange for honest review from Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours.

About the Book (From Media Kit)

Lisa Sparrow has never felt loved or wanted. Born into a family that she never quite fit into, her childhood was spent alternating between the foster care system and various mental health institutions. How could the very people charged to protect her make her feel so worthless?

From the agony of multiple miscarriages to the pain of never feeling love from anyone, Lisa Y.
Sparrow reveals the most intimate of details of her life in the hopes that someone is freed from their own prison of mental illness.

About the Author (From Media Kit)

Newcomer Lisa Sparrow has endured more pain and loss in her life than anyone should be expected to. With her first book, His Eye Is On The Sparrow, she reveals the challenges she has faced in stunning detail. Lisa has learned the hard way that if you stay where you are in life, you’ll never reach your full potential. Her journey to self love and acceptance has been a hard fought battle and one she is led by God to share with her readers.

Lisa is a divorced mother of two wonderful children, Lauren and Leon, and currently lives in Columbus, Ohio. She currently works as clerical support for a local lighting company.With His Eye Is On The Sparrow, Lisa hopes to shed some light on the subject of mental illness in this country and the process of Although this is Lisa’s first project, it certainly will not be her last. She is currently working on her second book, scheduled to be released in 2014.

My Review

I wanted to review the book, based on the description. The author and I have been through similar challenges (miscarriages.). She also discussed mental illness, which explains my kids, plus a few others, running through the family. Sparrow loved to read and felt like she was different from everyone else, similar to myself. 

In the book, Sparrow starts discussing her childhood. Sparrow had a mother, who did not want her. Mama took Sparrow to multiple therapists. She felt unwanted by relatives and distanced herself from family as she got older. 

Sparrow also discussed suicide. She had thoughts of suicide at an early age. Lisa also battled depression. 

Some parts of the book was hard to read. Like when kids threw their coats on top of Lisa or when her friend died. 

The book was an interesting read. The book is available in Kindle and paperback format on Amazon. The book is also prime eligible. 

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