Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Power of a Half Hour by Tommy Barnett Book Review (Blogging for Books)

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I read The Power of a Half Hour: Take Back Your Life Thirty Minutes at a Time by Tommy Barnett, in exchange for honest review from Blogging for Books. I was provided a hardback copy and e-copy for review.

Barnett discusses how we can use 30 minutes to change lives. In 30 minutes, we can read the bible, check Facebook, or watch TV. Maybe we can serve food to the homeless or visit a sick relative in the hospital. Barnett said God has a unique plan for our lives. An unique vision. An unique passion. But God has to trust we will follow through with the passion and vision, which means we have to set aside time.

The chapters are written to be completed in 30 minute segments. Time is a gift from God. You can't get time back. We honor God when we use time well. When we serve him, using the best use of our time.

One of the first things, which stood out to me, was in Part 2, Chapter 3:

"God created every person to do a special thing that he need done on earth; and if a particular person fails to do that one thing, then it will never be done exactly the way God intended"

Another one of my favorite passages  was in Chapter 6, make a regular connection.

"Other people abandon God because they think they've done such bad stuff in their lives that he would never accept them. That's not true either. That's the reason Jesus died on the cross: to forgive sinners like you and me of all the rotten things we've done that offend him."

I feel that way sometimes.

The book is a good read. I been reading a little at time, while waiting for Brad's bus to arrive each morning. He has a 30 minute window for the bus to arrive. Trying to use the 30 minutes, if possible, to read a book or the bible or both.

The book teaches us we can serve God; strengthen our relationship with God; by starting with a simple 30 minute routine. 30 minutes to pray. 30 minutes to read. 30 minutes to serve others and allowing His light to shine.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle, Paperback (pre-order), Hardcover, CD, or Audible format.

For more resources about the book, including a chapter excerpt, click here

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