Sunday, April 13, 2014

Influenster Univox Box Review

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

Pilot Acroball

Great Niece. Tried out the lipstick on here

Rimmel London Stay Matte Beige Foundation

Forever Fuschia on me
The box of stuff

Forever Fuschia lipstick

Rimmel London Foundation on me. 

Impress Nails

Red Rose Real Tea

My review of the Influenster UnivoxBox. 

The box contained the following:

1) Impress Artificial Nails (Gave to my niece)
2) Red Rose Real Tea (mm mm good)
3) Playtex Sport (gave to my sister)
4) NYC New York Color Forever Fuschia Lipstick (gave away to my niece)
5)Rimmel London Stay Matte Beige Foundation (gave to my niece's best friend)
6) Pilot Acroball Pen

First, I received the Impress Artificial Nails. The nails was beautiful, but I don't wear fake nails. I gave the product away to my niece. Next, I received the Red Rose Real Tea. I loved the flavor of the tea. I will purchase in the future. 

Third, I received Playtex Sport. Since Aunt Flo does not respond well to tampons, I gave those to my sister and niece. Fourth, I received NYC New York Color Forever Fuschia lipstick. The lipstick clashed with my skin. I tried it on my great-niece since she is lighter than me. I gave the lipstick to my niece.

Fifth, I received Rimmel London's Stay Matte Beige Foundation. The shade did not match my skin. I would purchase again if I find my correct shade. Rimmel London does have a shade match thing on their website. Still figuring out my shade. I gave the shade to my niece's best friend. 

Finally, I received a Pilot Acroball Pen. I am a big fan of gel pens and ballpoint pens, which write well. The pen wrote beautifully and I will continue to use until it runs out of ink. 

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