Thursday, February 13, 2014

So now he hurt you, now what Blog Tour (Write Now Virtual Blog Tours)

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About the book:

So He Hurt You, Now What?: Messages of Hope For a Hurting Sister- Messages of Hope for a Hurting Sister is a series of short messages to encourage, uplift and inspire you. Think of a daily message you would send a friend that's at a very low place in their life. Her husband or boyfriend just left her or she just found out of his betrayal. She's in shock and kinda frozen....unable to move forward.We need a voice in our ear that says... Hey Girl - You are going to make it... You are NOT alone... Let me help you get out of this pit you are currently in because you can't stay there. In the midst of our storm or "pity party" we need someone that's not gonna play with us. Somebody that has no other motive but to see us be happy. That is what you'll get from - So He Hurt You, Now What? - Messages of Hope for a Hurting Sister.


Nicole Cleveland is the founder of Breathe Again Magazine and host of Breathe Again Radio & TV Show.

She has helped thousands of women extract purpose from the pain they’ve endured.

She has a heart for those on the verge of giving up, like she once was. Her ministry and personal mission is to ensure people are not suffering in silence.

In 2010 she released her debut book, “So He Cheated, Now What?”, her personal testimony of overcoming an affair in her marriage; an affair that produced a child.
God is the steady rock that stays consistent in her life. Without God, nothing she does would be possible.

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  1. To God be the glory! I'm so excited about this message being shared across the Internet! Broken, hurt and in pain Women are now finding out they are not alone! So He Hurt You, Now What? are messages of hope for hurting sisters! Transparent, real messages to uplift and inspire! May the Lord continue to increase this message of hope! Thank you Nicole, you are blessed to be a blessing!


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