Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Onecklace Product Review (Bloggers Required)

 I reviewed Onecklace in exchange for honest review from Bloggers Required. Onecklace sells customizable bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. You also can choose from different chains for your creations.

I was impressed with the site. I think they thought of me, when I saw this beautiful set of earrings. 

Sterling Silver Stud Letters Earrings from Onecklace

I chose the Two Hearts with Initials with B and K as the initials. B is for Brad and K is for Kalen, otherwise known as my kids.

I wanted to review Onecklace because I love necklaces and earrings. I also loved their selection of gold-plated and silver jewelry because it was beautiful, customizable, and reasonably priced.

The jewelry is also simple enough to wear with anything, without distraction.

Next, the jewelry arrived in a beautiful box, with Onecklace's logo on top. I loved my necklace. Currently, my necklace is put up way high because Kalen tried to rip it off when he got agitated.

I had a lot of response to my necklace. My cousin wants to become a blogger so she can get something similar for free. My niece got mad because I did not get her or my great-niece's initials. "Why didn't you get something for me?"

Other things I liked on the site:

  1. The infinity necklaces with initials and with love on them. 
  2. The silver and gold initial necklaces
  3. The sterling silver two hearts Swarovski crystal with two names. 
  4. The name preview tool, which lets you see how your name or initials looks in various fonts. 

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