Saturday, February 1, 2014

Great Aunt Died: A lesson in financial management

Last week, my great-aunt, Margie, died. She was 64 years old. She left behind two daughters; one granddaughter; one grand son; and one great-grand daughter. Not to mention, 6 living brothers and sisters, and a host of other relatives. We have a big family. Yet, death can bring problems: Financial problems

I been taking financial management classes at church for the past year. My aunt had no life insurance and no burial insurance. She may have some money hidden, provided they can find it. Her children and some of her siblings are in debate about the funeral plans, but the family simply does not have enough money to pay for funeral expenses.

One daughter, who was staying with her, and now us, wants cremation because it is cheaper. Another relative wants a burial. One daughter wants to buy her mother new clothes and a wig for the burial, but does not want to contribute to the funeral costs.

My aunt has money in the bank, but did not add anyone as a beneficiary, so the money is untouchable until the death certificate is provided. The funeral people said it will take a week for the certificate to process.

Since one of her daughters is now living here and my uncle, was my aunt's unofficial power of attorney, my house has been the hub spot for relatives and planning.

The family has saved some money by allowing me to do the programs. I have done church programs before, so a funeral program would be easy.

My biggest issue was trying to figure out the names of all 10 great-aunts and nephews. My great grandmother had 10 kids. 6 are living. 4 are dead. (My grandma, great-aunt, and two great-uncles). I thought about doing a small family tree with the greats and my great aunt's kids, but I am having trouble squeezing in 10 names on Word, Powerpoint, and Canva.

Of course, the death brings up another issue: I have to take my kids to a funeral. Two special needs kids to sit still over an hour. I been hunting down social stories, but I noticed not too many are online.

Please pray for my cousins and the family during this time.


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