Friday, February 7, 2014

Freya Artic Cleansing Water Product Review (Mommerce)

Disclaimer: This review contains Mommerce Affiliate links and images.

I reviewed Freya Artic Cleansing Water, in response to a campaign from Mommerce. I received a full-size bottle of Freya for review.

About Freya:

Scandinavia is home to marine and plants, which come from the Arctic. The natural resources, in addition to the country's culture of health and well-being--helps make Freya an excellent product to use. 

My Review:

I tried the product for two weeks. When I first got the bottle, I was a tad-bit confused. Not about the product, but how to open it. I was taking the top completely off, but I noticed some water was leaking from a whole at the top.  You can open the bottle in two ways:

  1. Take the top completely off
  2. Twist the top until the water comes out of the hole at the top. 
The water is excellent. It does not have a strong smell like alcohol or astringent or witch hazel. The water is gentle on the skin.

I used the water twice a day: in the morning and before I went to bed.

My Freya Lasted two weeks. I usually keep it on the shelf, up high. My son thought it was soap and used it to bathe with. 

I loved the product. My face looked clearer and vibrant. I may buy some more in the future, but this time, keep it in the closet or my purse lol.

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