Friday, January 10, 2014

Pop Chef Review

I reviewed Pop Chef in response to a campaign on Fuel my Blog.

I received the PopChef in the mail awhile back and ran into difficulties.  The product was created by Ideas Village. First, I recorded footage on my former iPod, but before I had a chance to upload, my youngest tossed it in the toilet. I tried other videos, but my youngest ate the food before I had a chance to take photos and videos.

The pop chef comes with 6 shapes: heart, sun, flower, circle, butterfly, and star. It also comes with a clear stick for those foods, which get stuck. Finally, it came with the bulb and skewers.

I only worked with soft foods so far, such as bananas and bread. The soft foods does require more popping or use of the stick to get foods unstuck.

I still need a lot of practice before I can master the popchef.

I did a video review. Not the best editing, but it shows my frustration and success with the PopChef.


  1. Interesting idea, but looks a little hard to master!


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