Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Real by Jamie Synder Book Review (Bethany House)

I read Real: Becoming a 24/7 Follower of Jesus
by Jamie Synder in exchange for Bethany House. I Received a paperback book for review. This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.

The book teaches people how to become a 24/7 follower of Jesus Christ. I been reading the book for a few weeks now and I love the book.

Awhile ago in Church, someone had said we need to be followers and not fans of Christ. So many Christians identify with Christ (like myself), but don't truly follow Christ's commands. Here I am a few years ago having premarital sex, yet going to church praising the Lord every Sunday. Cussing out relatives. Being disobedient to the word.

The book says there is a cost when we follow Christ, yet there is also a cost when we choose not to follow Christ.

"Truth never looks away. You can pretend truth doesn't exist, you can close the eyes of your heart, you can simply turn and look the other way, but truth never looks away or blinks." (p. 13).

"If Sunday din't exist, would anyone know you where a follower of Jesus?.....Most people conclude someone is a Christian or not based on that person's Sunday religious activities and behaviors. You may not even be inclined to advertise your faith, but inevitably if you attend church long enough, it will come out in conversation. So, if Sunday didn't exist, you would no longer have a building to point to as being the place you attend church...If Sunday didn't exist, we would no longer be able to use our Sunday activities as evidence that we are followers of Christ." (p. 15)

The second passage is what got me reading the book more. Snyder author said many Christians put so much emphasis on Sundays, yet not following Christ during the week. If your faith on Sunday does not align up with your beliefs then the week, then something has to change.

Each chapter in the book is short. Each chapter also has a reflection and discussion, in addition to a prayer. The first chapter's questions, for example, deals with how people view Sunday? Does your faith spin on the axis of Sunday? (p. 23). 

I loved the book. I do recommend the book as individual or small group bible study.

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