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Python Printable Christmas Games and Activities Product Review (Tomoson)

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I reviewed Python Printable Christmas Games and Activities for Tomoson.

The packet contains over 60 games and activities for when relatives and friends visit during the holidays. You can print off the games and activities as needed. The files are printed off individually versus a big zip file.

Some of the activities include:

  1. Coloring pages
  2. Crossword puzzles
  3. Trivia
  4. Mad Libs
  5. Spot the differences

Some of the activities I liked included:

  1. What's your line, a fun office game: The game involves role play. Each player is given a card, which has a product or service to sell. The players have one minute to sell their product, while the others guess the mysterious product. Similar to taboo, I think, each card has words, which the player can not say. Some of the products included bladder control products and a dead ghost communicator. Great way to think on your feet and stir your imagination and creativity. 
  2. Office Mad Libs: This game is similar to regular mad libs, but incorporates people, who work at your job. Some of the fill-in-the-blanks include job benefits, type of paperwork, and type of office supplies. 
  3. Camel Race Bible Trivia: Bible trivia/board game. 
  4. Christmas Hide and Seek Game: Hide your loved ones gifts and have them seek for them. Part hide and seek, part scavenger hunt. Also, part exercise. See how much work your kid will put in for a Wii U :-)
  5. Christmas Morning Left-right game:  A gift exchange game. Maybe you are doing a white elephant game. The game is part story and part exchange. One person reads the story. When he or she says left or right, highlighted in the story, the gifts are passed left to right. Whoever is left with the gift at the end, is the winners. 
  6. The Great Gift Grab: Another gift exchange game. The host provides 6 small gifts. The game has similarities to that show with Wayne Brady. Can't think of the name of the show. The host has a list of things to look for. If you have that item on you--maybe you are wearing a particular color, you can go grab a gift. You also can steal gifts. 
  7. No-el weird phobias game: This is a matching game. Print off copies for everyone. You match the Christmas phobias scientific name to the generic name. What is a Macrophobia? What is the fear of being on the road to visit your in-laws? What is the fear of Santa's beard? What is a Frigophobia?
Other things I liked was the letter from Santa and the thank you notes for gifts. There is also a twist on spin the bottle. Now my favorite game of all the printables: The  Clean-up Christmas Scavenger Hunt. Anytime I can get a kid to clean, I am happy. Kids draw a card or two or three and clean, based on the clues. If they solve the clues (and clean), they get a small gift. 

The packet costs 19.95.

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