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Just one more thing before you leave home by David and Bernice Gudgel Book Review and Tour (LitFuse)

I Read Just One More Thing: Before You Leave Home by David Gudgel for review from Litfuse. This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links and Images. I received a paperback copy of the book. The book was published by CreateSpace.

About the Authors:

David and Bernice Gudgel are committed to God and they encourage others to follow God as well. Bernice has a psychology degree. She also raised three kids and lead many chuch ministries. David is a pastor and teaches for Walk Thru the Bible.

David and Bernice's Website

About the Book:

The book helps prepare young adults to move out of their parents home. The book gives practical, relevant advice from a biblical perspective. The book is available in Kindle and Paperback format. The book is also Prime Eligible.

My Review

When I left Texas at 18, my plans was to head to college, get a degree, and hopefully find a job, which uses that degree. At least, that's what my mind said. Problem was, I left home for all the wrong reasons: to escape my dysfunctional family. I didn't even know what majors the college offered, let alone what I wanted to do with it. I wanted a chance to have a life and I didn't feel I could do that, living at home. I never dated. I never had sex. No driver's license. I felt I was missing life experience. I was focused on graduating in high school. 

I got to Georgia. Realized I didn't like traditional college. Started meeting boys. Had sex. Met a man. Got married. Got a job. Had a baby. but still felt I was lacking in skills. For example, Financial Management. You have to pay back those student loans or they will garnish your wages. Working 60 plus hours to make $300 because of wage garnishment is not fun. How about maintaining your vehicle? I had to learn how to change the brake fluids, pump gas, and take my former car to Auto Zone, when the check engine light was on. 

The book teaches young adults about practical skills, they need to know. The book consists of 30 chapters. The topics include financial management, drinking, sex, convictions, and gambling. The book also teaches about finding a church home; how to handle painful experiences, and maintaining your car. 

The book was very helpful, even to a 33 year old woman. My family never discussed sex. I learned about drugs with the DARE program, not to mention all the addicts in the family. I also learned about sex and financial management through experience. Some things should not be learned through experience or trial and error, at least that's what my mind says :-). Some things you should be prepared for, in advance. For example, like creating a budget or not spending more than what you have. Maybe paying bills on time most of the time (or all of the time). 

The book comes in an easy-to-read format. I liked the Gudgel's writing style. Some things, which stood out included:

  • Once you leave home, you are now responsible for you. You have to decide what to eat; when to go to classes; what to wear; what to major in; what clothes to wear; who to live with; which bills to pay, etc. Your present choices affect your future. 
  • There is a difference between a conviction and a preference. A conviction is non-negotiable, while a preference is negotiable. You will be more loyal and dedicated to your convictions versus your preferences.

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