Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flipeez Hats Product Review (Fuel my Blog)

I reviewed Flipeez for Fuel my Blog. The product was created by Idea Village. Idea Village has developed some of my favorite, As seen on TV products, such as Stompeez, PopChef,  and Flashlight friends. My mother also has the Finishing Touch trimmer.

I wanted to review Flipeez as soon as I got contacted by the company. The product was innovative. Flipeez is not your ordinary hat. My kids also love the hat. I have twitchy kitty. The hats are made with a built-in squeezable pump, which gives you a lift. When you squeeze the bulb, her tail raises up. Other character's arms and ears lift up.

Flipeez come in seven characters:

  • Twitchy Kitty
  • Playful Puppy
  • Huggy Monkey
  • Peek a boo monster
  • Curious Owl
  • Ranger Racoon
  • Rascally Rabbit
The hats are soft and warm. The only drawback is your kids will fight over the hat. My sons and great niece have tortured me over this hat. Each flipeez is 19.95 each on the website. 

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