Saturday, October 19, 2013

TruKid Hero Stick

I reviewed TruKid Hero stick, in exchange for honest review.  This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. The Hero Stick is a natural balm, which can protect from skin irritation, bites, rashes, scratches, and eczema. The stick is made with Balm of Gilead, Plantain Leaf, and Calendula. The product is also natural and contains no artificial coloring or fragrances.

I enjoyed the product. My boys had a few scratches, in addition to skin irritation. My boys love to climb and jump. My oldest likes to run. This leads to a lot of bumps and bruises. The stick did not have a strong smell. It also helped heal their ouchies. I also like how it's easy to carry in my purse or backpack, depending on which one I am using. The product is available on the Tru Kid website, Amazon, and a few other sites online.

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